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Do you feel stuck in your career?


Are you struggling with thoughts of “What’s next”?


Does the idea of changing your job or your role seem daunting to you?


After years working with a certain technology or in a certain domain, is it even possible to contemplate about change? At this juncture of your career?


And how do you even keep pace with the multitude of changes, transforming the world around you?


Perseverance Overrated might just be the answer to all your overwhelming thoughts.


At Perseverance Overrated, our mission is simple -  to build greater awareness and clarity so that you can create and seize new opportunities that complement your potential.


Because the mantra is personal disruption.


Imagine how liberating it would be to feel, think and act aligned to your aspirations, to jump out of the proverbial hamster’s wheel on to a self-driving highway where you call the shots and where you are firmly in control.


That’s what Perseverance Overrated is all about.


Through focused and deeply insightful interactions with those who have done this before, we place before you, avenues and options, for you to explore and embrace.


Each episode will feature an achiever who has taken on the very issues or questions you face and will offer you a way out in terms of thinking, action, and introspection.


To put it simply, this is your ticket to an enriching and fulfilling growth.


So hop on as we head out on this cruise. We have a seat reserved for you.  




Deepthi Rajan

Founder, Perseverance Overrated

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Steve Glaveski

​CEO, Collective Campus


Mark Birch



Harish Bijoor

​CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc



Best Selling Author of "The Irrational Ape"
  • How A Recurring Pattern Led To An Epiphany On Irrationality

  • Why We Readily Fall For Misinformation

  • Fueling Sinister Intentions : Puppet-in-Making

  • When Ignorance And Ego Make For A Blissful Combination

  • Facts Don’t Lie : Denounce It If You Don’t Like It

  • When It’s Okay To Be Irrational

  • Facts Vs Faith : Is Science Increasingly Forced To Play Second Fiddle To Religion?

  • Ultimate Sham : Spiritual Gurus Riding Piggy Back On Watered-down Scientific Theories

  • Politics And Science : Cherry-picking Truth Till Lies Tear Us Apart

  • Cold War And A Bipolar World : Was Science At Its Finest?

  • Why It’s Difficult To Prioritize Similarities And Easy To Amplify Differences

  • Growing Up In Saudi Arabia

  • Influencing With Generosity : 5 Key Role Models

  • Future Plans

  • How COVID-19 Is Likely To Pan Out In The Next Few Months

  • How To Improve Our Ability To Examine, Investigate, And Think Rationally



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